CCLP hosts policymakers and stakeholders to outline legislative agenda

CCLP hosts policymakers and stakeholders to outline legislative agenda

Staff outlined CCLP’s legislative priorities for 2014 during our annual Legislative Breakfast this week. The breakfast was attended by legislators, advocates and interested citizens.  Among CCLP’s health care priorities this year are:

•    Senator Irene Aguilar’s proposal to create a statewide committee to study health care costs. The committee would work to identify, examine, and report on the principle health care cost drivers for Colorado businesses and make recommendations that will control health care costs for Colorado businesses while maintaining the value and quality of health care for their employees. Senator Aguilar held the first broad stakeholder meeting to discuss this proposal earlier this week and will host another meeting in coming weeks. CCLP has been working very closely with the Senator on this proposal.

•    SB14-050 which would help to make hospital care more affordable for Colorado patients. CCLP played a major role in 2012 in passage of SB12-134, which required hospitals to charge the low-income uninsured patients the lowest negotiated rate that an insurance company would pay the hospital for the same services. SB14-050 would extend discounted prices to even more low and middle income uninsured while ensuring that hospitals are complying with the law.

•    In addition, CCLP actively opposes several bills that would undermine the Affordable Care Act (ACA), cost the state money, and leave more Coloradans without affordable coverage. For example, SB14-1106 would provide a state tax credit to anyone who did not purchase or have minimum essential coverage under the ACA and was penalized on their federal taxes. This bill would undermine the personal responsibility provision of health reform and could have extremely detrimental effects on the ACA as a whole.

For more information about other bills CCLP is working on, please refer to the Advocacy webpage.