CCLP has commissioned the production of the Elder Economic Security Standard Index for Colorado 2015 (Elder Index), which provides an accurate measure of the cost of living for people over 65 in each county in Colorado. It measures how much income retired adults need to meet basic needs and age in place. This tool may be used to develop, evaluate, and improve programs and infrastructure that allow older Coloradans to live more comfortably.

The table below represents statewide averages of what it takes to make ends meet for individual elders and elder couples based on housing type:

Statewide Table

The Elder Index highlights the dramatic differences in retired seniors’ basic income needs based on location, housing type, household size, race/ethnicity, and gender. Seniors with incomes below the local Elder Index are more likely to make difficult spending choices, go without one or more basic need, and have trouble remaining in their homes as they age and/or their health declines.



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