Priority issues for the 2017 legislative session:

Legislative Wrap-Up: 2017 Family Economic Security

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Legislative and Policy Preview: 2017 Family Economic Security Program

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Legislative and Policy Preview: 2017 Health Program 

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HB17-1305 The Colorado Chance to Compete Act This bill seeks to foster the employment rates of those Coloradans that have previous involvement with the criminal justice system. The bill prohibits most employers from inquiring about an applicant’s criminal history on an initial job application.

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SB17-245 Expanding “Notice to Quit” and “Notice of Rent Increase” from 7 days to 21 days This bill puts in place protections for tenants and landlords when a “month-to-month” tenancy is in effect.

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HB17-1002 Renew the Child Care Tax Credit for Working Families  This bill would ensure that families earning under $25,000 a year qualify for Colorado’s state child care tax credit.

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SB17-118 Information on Private Occupational Schools This bill would ensure that prospective students of private occupational schools in Colorado have access to information such as program completion and transfer rates, employment and salary prospects and average student debt amounts for students who receive federal financial aid. The bill would also require the creation of a free comparative tool for students to use when researching various private occupational schools to attend.

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SB17-098 Mobile Home Parks This bill would incentivize and promote the preservation of manufactured housing communities. This bill specifically seeks to foster the creation of resident owned manufactured housing communities so that this form of quality affordable housing in Colorado is preserved.

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HB17-1159: Remedies for Forcible Entry and Detainer  We oppose this bill on that grounds that it violates due process, is duplicative in nature, criminalizes the homeless and would adversely impact victims of domestic violence.

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2017 Bill Tracking: Poverty Related Legislation

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Skills2Compete Legislation
As the coordinator for the Colorado Skills2Compete coalition, we provide a tracking list of legislation before the state capitol that addresses workforce development and employment issues. Check out what’s in the hopper thus far for 2017.

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Looking back at 2016…

Legislative Wrap-Up: 2016 Family Economic Security Program

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Legislative Wrap-Up: 2016 Health Program

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2016 Bill Tracking: Poverty-Related Legislation

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HB16-1050 This bill addresses low income parents’ child care for education. Parental education and income directly impacts child success in school. Young children whose parents’ education and income level is low are more likely to fall behind in school themselves. If Colorado wants successful kids, we need to address the educational needs of their parents

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HB16-1388 Responsible Re-Entry is a statewide campaign the will address recidivism by providing new economic opportunities to individuals and families who encounter barriers to employment.

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HB16-1386 This bill extends a grants program begun last year that helps low-income Coloradans obtain a Colorado ID.

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HB16-1461 This bill attempts to provide tenants with sufficient time to find new housing accommodations by extending the eviction notice period from 7 days to 28 days.



Building off the progress we made in 2015:

CCLP’s 2015 Family Economic Security Wrap-Up  CCLP’s 2015 Health Care Wrap-Up


Thank you for following and supporting us during the 2017 legislative session!