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  • Happy Holidays!
  • Colorado Exchange receives initial approval from the federal government
  • Colorado Exchange explores financing options
  • Federal Funds awarded to Colorado
  • Expanding Medicaid fills one of the gaps in health care coverage that the Affordable Care Act is designed to eliminate


  • Big Medicaid victory for low income adults
  • Additional federal guidance on exchanges, market reforms and consumer assistance


  • U.S. Supreme Court allows challenge to health law to proceed
  • Self-insuring may lead to higher premiums in small group insurance market
  • Study shows increase in Medicaid costs even to states that do not expand


  • Medicaid: Coverage Opportunity
  • Report examines benefits for small businesses under health reform
  • Income gap between rich and poor growing faster in Colorado than in most other states


  • Colorado’s All Payer Claims Database goes live
  • Increased payments for primary care physicians
  • U.S. government to issue nationwide health insurance plans
  • Governor’s 2013-14 budget proposal released


  • New report examines rulemaking in Colorado
  • New study examines emergency department use in Colorado
  • Report shows lower increase in health plan cost


  • Study finds that frequent users of emergency rooms not “abusers”
  • New England Journal of Medicine study brings up policy questions on pay for performance
  • Medicaid per capita cap would shift costs to Colorado


  • New report finds there’s not much interest in proposals to sell health insurance across state lines
  • Newly insured under PPACA likely healthier than expected, but face unique challenges
  • Medicare readmission penalties now in effect


  • Picking the right health insurance option just got easier for Colorado consumers
  • Colorado Health Benefit Exchange receives $43 million grant
  • New report from CCLP: New poverty estimates paint grim picture for many communities throughout Colorado
  • Colorado is not in the best position to negotiate lower health care costs
  • Success on hospital bills and request for help


  • More Colorado children and young adults with health coverage
  • Another reason to support new Medicaid eligibility provision
  • Health care safety net serves crucial role in Colorado
  • Colorado leads effort to select minimum coverage requirements under health reform


  • Medicaid expansion
  • New census data indicates fewer uninsured
  • More young adults have insurance after health care law, study says
  • Help to design the COHBE shopping portal


  • Colorado recommends Essential Health Benefit benchmark plan
  • Limits on health care created for DREAM Act youth
  • HHS declares that health plans cannot discriminate against transgender people


  • New funding opportunity
  • Thirty more reasons to expand Medicaid
  • New guide outlines options for state-based exchanges


  • ACA Medicaid expansion
  • Hospitals with excess readmissions face penalties
  • Hospital Giant, HCA, Reaps Profit but at what cost?


  • Hospital Payment Assistance Program takes effect this week
  • Federal insurance exchange development moves forward
  • Colorado Health Benefit Exchange (COHBE) update
    • Legislative oversight committee approves Exchange Establishment Grant
    • COHBE Board meeting preview


  • Hospital Payment Assistance Program to begin August 8
  • Affordable care act reduces costs of prevention related services for women
  • Colorado group awarded loan to start a health insurance co-op
  • Medicaid expansion may lower death rates
  • Report shows large numbers of Americans experience gaps in health care coverage


  • Colorado should consider all the benefits of Medicaid expansion
  • Dual Eligible Demonstration Proposals Raise Serious Questions
  • New tool calculates rebates that insurers must pay their customers


  • New report stresses the importance of health reform’s Medicaid expansion
  • COHBE Board approves framework for eligibility appeals
  • COHBE Board delays final decision on employer/employee choice in small business exchange
  • COHBE Board to vote on special enrollment periods and supplemental plan offerings
  • Individual Experience Advisory Group discusses Navigators


  • Supreme Court upholds Affordable Care Act
  • Essential Health Benefit (EHB) plan selection moves forward


  • Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act


  • No decision yet
  • State tax revenue up slightly
  • Dying for Coverage: Uninsured adults are twenty-five percent more likely to die prematurely than adults with insurance
  • New issue brief on Medicaid for parents under PPACA


  • Health plans say they’ll continue some Affordable Care Act benefits whatever Supreme Court decides, but leave out significant reforms
  • Counting down to the Supreme Court decision
  • Colorado Health Benefit Exchange (COHBE) update
  • CCLP releases fact sheet on ACC Program


  • House passes legislation repealing medical device tax
  • HCPF to enroll 1900 more Adults without Dependent Children in Medicaid
  • Colorado hospitals receive mixed grades in patient safety rankings
  • Exchange advisory groups hold first meetings
  • COHBE Board to vote on process for certifying exemptions from health reform’s individual mandate


  • IRS postpones decision on affordability of family coverage
  • Medical device tax repeal bill moves forward
  • Cost of healthcare services expected to rise 7.5% in 2013
  • Colorado submits proposal to coordinate care for dual eligibles
  • Exchange will develop technology platform to support supplemental and additional benefits
  • Exchange board to make key decisions on appeals, billing procedures, and exemptions from the individual mandate
  • Exchange advisory groups begin regular meetings


  • Colorado’s Special Session
  • Six states receive Exchange Establishment grants
  • HHS releases guidance on exchange certification and federally facilitated exchanges
  • HHS releases final rule regarding medical loss ratio
  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month: Do More for 1 in 4
  • Study shows that Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would have reduced out-of-pocket costs between 2001 and 2008
  • Comments submitted on Dual Eligible Project
  • COHBE Awards Service and Technology Contract
  • COHBE Board to make key decisions about supplemental/additional benefit


  • Governor Hickenlooper signs Senate Bill 12-134
  • Governor Convenes Special Session
  • Summary of 2012 Health Care Legislation
  • Update on Medicaid expansion to adults without dependent children (AwDC)
  • CCLP submits comments on interim final Medicaid and Exchange regulations
  • Proposed rule released to increase payments to primary care physicians
  • Study explains high spending on health care driven by price
  • Colorado Health Benefit Exchange recommends nominees for new advisory groups


  • Exchange extends dealine for advisosry group nomination
  • Governor to sign Hospital Payment Assistance Program into law on Monday
  • New CMS rules provide transparency for Medicaid and CHIP waivers
  • Colorado community health centers receive grants for capital improvements
  • House Energy and Commerce Committee votes to eliminate Medicaid/CHIP performance bonuses
  • High number of preterm births reported in the United States


  • Coloradans to receive more than $25 million in rebates from insurance companies
  • Study finds large variation in cost of appendectomies
  • Nominations being accepted for Exchange advisory groups
  • Applications being accepted for new Medicaid program
  • African American health in Denver
  • National Healthcare Disparities Report


  • Hospital Payment Assistance Act Headed to Govenor’s desk
  • Colorado Health Benefit Exchange hosts public discussion
  • COHBE Update – April 23rd Meeting
  • New Report on Health Reform Implementation in Colorado
  • Advancing the Debate
  • Get Involved, Lend your Voice


  • Health Insurance Exchange update: new opportunities for stakeholder involvement
  • Board decision item: premium aggregation
  • Opportunity for health advocates
  • Colorado House of Representatives passes budget
  • More about health reform
  • Medicaid Adults without Dependent Children program launch
  • Colorado selected to participate in Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative
  • Dual Eligible Demonstration Contract stakeholder meeting next week
  • CCLP’s Advocacy Guide


  • Hospital Payment Assistance Program passes unanimously out of committee
  • Medicaid Adults without Dependent Children program launch
  • HCPF conducting outreach on Medicaid Buy-in Program for Children with Disabilities
  • U.S. Supreme Court and the Affordable Care Act


  • Today is the second anniversary of the Affordable Care Act
  • Hospital Payment Assistance Program passes Senate
  • Argument in health reform challenge begins Monday at U.S. Supreme Court
  • Report card underlines connections between low income and poor health
  • Report: Colorado health systems perform better than most peers
  • Premium increases in nine states deemed unreasonable
  • Transparency will help improve value for consumers and employers
  • Health care law to have ‘mixed’ effects on immigrants
  • 47 million live in places where access to dental care is difficult
  • Americans share how health reform has helped
  • Spanish version of health care site offered


  • Health reform law approaches second anniversary
  • HHS releases final exchange and Medicaid regulations
  • Covering Kids and Families releases toolkit for schools
  • Report examines workplace wellness programs
  • CCLP and partners to release report detailing consumer hopes for insurance exchange
  • Webinar will detail resources outside Medicaid


  • Health reform law approaches second anniversary
  • Basics of health reform haven’t reached many people
  • One in three Americans has a hard time paying medical bills
  • Essential Health Benefits: Excessive benefit design flexibility should be avoided


  • High court in Maine upholds premium rate-review authority
  • Hospital Payment Assistance Act passes out of Appropriations Committee and heads to Senate floor
  • Insurance companies’ spending on health care rose in 2010, new report says
  • Mergers with Catholic hospitals highlight need to protect access to care
  • Colorado Exchange Board Briefs Committees in General Assembly


  • Amended Hospital Payment Assistance Act passes unanimously out of committee
  • Colorado exchange awarded $17.9 million federal grant
  • Proposal would require hospitals to notify patients of services withheld for religious or moral reasons
  • CMS issues final regulations on Medicaid Section 1115 waivers
  • HCPF seeks feedback on health reform implementation
  • Colorado Health Benefit Exchange to make key recommendations next week
  • Essential Health Benefits: HHS provides additional guidance, but questions remain
  • Tool maps effects of insurance coverage expansions under the Affordable Care Act


  • Committee delays action on Hospital Payment Assistance Act while parties negotiate
  • Exchange board plans key decisions at Feb. 27 meeting
  • Rule will help consumers understand health insurance
  • Coloradans benefit from preventive services in Affordable Care Act
  • People with extremely high incomes will pay most of health reform tax on investment income
  • People in high-deductible plans more likely to delay or forgo care, study finds
  • Consumers have difficulty understanding and using health insurance
  • State releases fact sheet on Adults without Dependent Children expansion


  • Hospital Payment Assistance Program hearing set for Thursday
  • Bill to cut Medicaid fails in committee
  • Legislation would protect insurance profits and harm consumers
  • EPSDT offers broad benefits, strong protection for children
  • Seats open on Accountable Care Collaborative Program Improvement Advisory Committee
  • Essential Health Benefits: A uniform package is needed to serve as a national floor
  • People with low incomes less likely to have insurance or a regular source of care


  • Critics attack Medicaid, but advocates urge a long-term view
  • Hospital Payment Assistance Program is introduced in the General Assembly
  • 2011-12 spending amendments mostly minor, include additional $62.4 million for Medicaid
  • Essential Health Benefits: Process moves forward but with much yet to be decided
  • Fact sheet spells out options for small businesses under health reform
  • Health reform law saves $2.1 billion for 3.6 million Americans with Medicare


  • White House report notes business participation in Colorado health exchange
  • Individual mandate will halve number without health insurance, report finds
  • Focus of Families USA annual conference is on preserving the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • Colorado Health Benefit Exchange releases RFPs
  • Reminder: Essential Health Benefits comments due next week


  • Threats and rhetoric around health reform persist at the Colorado General Assembly
  • Colorado House passes resolution to repeal health reform law
  • Health care attorney joins CCLP
  • University of Colorado Hospital will negotiate to run Memorial Health System
  • Report focuses on building links between Medicaid, exchanges and individual market
  • HCPF announces a series of regional outreach meetings
  • Medicaid history


  • Governor addresses health reform victories and Medicaid challenges
  • Medicaid the top priority for CCLP’s Health Care Program this year
  • Lawmakers aim to cut Medicaid costs while improving care
  • Colorado organizations selected for new CMS programs
  • Premium increases in five states were ‘unreasonable,’ government review finds
  • Brief examines ‘Creating a Usable Measure of Actuarial Value’
  • Colorado agencies will collect opinions on regulatory approach to creating essential health benefits package


  • HCPF budget proposal presents opportunities and challenges
  • Colorado Attorney general passes on review of Exempla deal
  • Many hospital errors go unreported, report finds