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  • Special year in review edition


  • CCLP and other consumer advocates examine effectiveness of assistance network
  • Connect for Health Colorado ranks fifth in marketplace enrollments


  • Denver Post: CCLP report shows that mountain, western slope premiums can be less after tax credits
  • Colorado health reform implementation update – full steam ahead
  • Medicaid Expansion good for kids
  • Marketplace extends deadline to enroll for January coverage
  • Out2Enroll ACA Forum


  • Obama administration delays open enrollment for 2015
  • Colorado ACA implementation update – number of enrolled continues to increase
  • Most Americans unlikely to pay more to keep an individual policy


  • White House to allow continuation of expired insurance plans
  • Many Coloradans rely on Medicaid and Medicare, but cost and coverage remain barriers to care
  • Colorado ACA implementation update – some applicants for financial assistance face obstacles


  • Federal insurance marketplace experiences major setbacks
  • CCLP and CCJRC lead group to bring coverage to criminal justice population
  • CCLP’s new resource concisely explains benefits of Obamacare
  • Questions about health care? CCLP can help!


  • Press Conference: Amendment 66 and health care (October 22)
  • Connect for Health Colorado releases week one enrollment numbers, interest high
  • Government reopens as Obamacare remains intact
  • Obamacare Frequently Asked Questions: Part III


  • Obamacare Frequently Asked Questions: Part II
  • Uninsured individuals must enroll by February 15, 2014 to avoid penalty
  • Federal lawmakers consider repeal of key provision funding Obamacare
  • Celebrities encourage Americans to #GetCovered
  • Questions about health care? CCLP can help!


  • Open Enrollment: First Week Draws Millions
  • Affordable Care Act: Questions of the week
  • Native Americans/Alaska Natives and the Affordable Care Act
  • Questions about health care? CCLP can help!


  • Open enrollment: day 1
  • Congratulations, Connect for Health Colorado!
  • Answering your questions about Obamacare
  • Colorado’s marketplace launches new advertising campaign
  • Questions about health care? CCLP can help!


  • Colorado releases new paper application for health programs
  • Kaiser Permanente plans will cover transgendered health care
  • Government shutdown over Obamacare funding appears likely
  • Questions about health care? CCLP can help!


  • Resources available for flood victims
  • U.S. House votes to fund government, defund health reform law
  • Questions about health care? CCLP can help!


  • Claire Levy selected as CCLP’s next executive director
  • CCLP publishes article examining appeal rights under Obamacare
  • CCLP releases fact sheet concerning health reform’s impact on poverty
  • Congress readies for possible showdown over health reform and budget


  • Colorado Consumer Health Initiative releases health care guide for uninsured and underinsured
  • Health Insurance COOP plans to cover transgendered health care
  • Colorado releases new consumer-oriented resources on Medicaid and health care marketplace
  • Baltimore Ravens take on more than losing to the Broncos


  • Open enrollment, switching plans and effective dates
  • Marketplace announces new classification of consumer assistance
  • Learning about new coverage options for young people under the ACA


  • Colorado approves 2014 insurance plan rates
  • Most ACA out of pocket limits will take effect in 2014


  • Exchange faces important decision regarding formal appeals
  • Fix clears the way for Congressional members and staff to buy insurance on Exchanges


  • T-minus 59 days: How health reform will impact Coloradans
  • Five things to know about Obamacare premiums: A guide for the perplexed


  • Governor Hickenlooper appoints four members to Connect for Health Colorado Board
  • Governor Hickenlooper appoints new Colorado Division of Insurance Commissioner
  • Colorado insurance marketplace awarded $116 million federal establishment grant
  • Why is the royal birth so much cheaper in the UK?


  • Groups explain how the Affordable Care Act will affect consumers
  • Colorado insurance marketplace provides cost calculator for determining tax credits
  • CCLP’s report on hospital charges gains attention
  • Obama administration postpones requirement that large employers offer health insurance


  • CCLP Report: Hospital charges vary dramatically, even within the same city
  • U.S. Senate committee considers health care prices, cost, and transparency


  • Connect for Health Colorado awards assistance network grants
  • Affordable Care Act saves consumers billions
  • Study shows 30 million will remain uninsured after ACA implementation, most U.S. citizens
  • Study: Medicaid expansion saves states money


  • Denver area hospitals see large profits in 2011
  • Insurers line up to participate in Colorado’s insurance marketplace
  • California shows active purchasing may be key to lower premiums
  • As immigration debate heats up, study shows immigrants subsidize citizen health care
  • Medicare’s financial outlook improves–solvent to 2026


  • Medicaid Expansion becomes law
  • Health care access at forefront of House immigration discussion
  • Exchange Level 2 Grant Request submitted


  • Legislative Session Advances Health Coverage Goals
  • Governor Hickenlooper announces health agenda
  • Medicare Release Hospital Charge Data
  • Uninsurance increases as health premiums continue to rise


  • SB13-200, Medicaid Expansion passes both Houses
  • Exchange funding bill – HB 1245 – moves forward
  • Stop loss insurance modernization – HB 1290 – advances with bipartisan support
  • Biosimilars medications bill dies in committee
  • Dental bill update
  • ACA at 3
  • New and much improved version of Single Streamlined Application released
  • Colorado’s new marketplace for purchasing health insurance, opens its doors in 150 days, on October 1
  • New heath co-op receives license from Division of Insurance


  • New report from CCLP on health care costs
  • Affordable Care Act at 3: major insurance market reforms coming in 2014
  • Exchange board vote sidesteps consumer benefits, protections
  • $54 million to be awarded for state navigator programs
  • Obama’s Budget a Mixed Bag for Low income Coloradans


  • ACA Celebrates 3rd Birthday
  • How well do you know the ACA?  Take our ACA Quiz
  • Protect the ACA
  • Sequestration Corner


  • Colorado one-step closer to extending Medicaid coverage to thousands who need it
  • Public and private insurance advocates should pay careful attention to the design of Colorado’s Single Streamlined Application
  • House Budget proposes repealing health reform law, cutting access to affordable health care


  • HHS releases final regulations – crash course in insurance rating in 2014
  • Legislation would provide funding for the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange
  • Commonwealth Fund profiles Colorado Accountable Care Collaborative
  • Sequester Impact on Community Health Centers
  • Connect for Health Assistance Network – Q&A session


  • Medicaid bill introduced!
  • HCPF reported  to the JBC today on Efficient Contracting in Managed Care
  • TIME Magazine’s Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills are Killing US claims health care is “eating away our economy and treasury”
  • New Jersey will expand


  • Colorado Medicaid opens more slots for Adults without Dependent Children
  • Colorado receives innovation grant from HHS
  • Colorado Exchange announces RFP for Connect for Health Assistance Network
  • Florida governor announces conditional Medicaid expansion
  • CCLP submits comments on proposed HHS regulations


  • Medicaid Expansion reports predict a stronger economy and more covered lives
  • One-third of health plans’ out-of-pocket costs exceed ACA cap


  • Rule limits access to insurance subsidies for families
  • University of Colorado Health System considers HMO plan to compete with other insurance plans
  • Add Ohio and Michigan to the list of states planning to expand Medicaid
  • Consumer advocates release principles for financing Colorado’s insurance exchange


  • Colorado Health Benefit Exchange (COHBE) announces new name
  • COHBE presents annual report to legislature
  • New report shows Medicaid and CHIP state policies continue to increase efficiency and coverage


  • Health insurance navigators
  • HHS releases key regulations regarding Medicaid and Exchange eligibility and appeals
  • Arizona and North Dakota announce plans to expand Medicaid


  • Health and Governor Hickenlooper’s State of the State
  • Increasing Coverage for Children
  • New Mexico announces plans to expand Medicaid
  • Denver consumers say health care costs are serious toll on household budgets
  • Colorado Consumers’ Recommendations for Health Exchange


  • Governor announces plans to expand Medicaid
  • Colorado Medicaid – a decade of enhanced coverage