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  • 2014 Legislative Session concludes
  • Historic numbers have insurance


  • Special edition – Affordable Care Act


  • 17 days remain for open enrollment period to enroll in private insurance coverage
  • Colorado consumer advocates release new report on insurance exchange
  • Federal bill would expand health care access for immigrants
  • New access to coverage for criminal justice populations
  • High quality is important in provider networks
  • New report details ACA rollout
  • President Obama, Galifianakis encourage young people to sign up for coverage


  • Hospital financial assistance bill passes first committee
  • CCLP testifies on bill to regulate free standing emergency rooms advances
  • CCLP testifies on exchange repeal bill
  • Health care advocates take to the Capitol


  • Enrollment update: Connect for Health Colorado
  • Garfield County input session: Questions about cost of Insurance
  • Tax credits matter
  • Uninsured children by county


  • Treasury Department delays employer mandate for some companies
  • CCLP testimony helps defeat bill attempting to give a tax break for not buying health insurance
  • Colorado insurance marketplace enrollment update; funding for assistance network
  • Primary care workforce: Regional disparities


  • Anti-ACA Navigator registration bill defeated
  • Colorado Division of Insurance to study variation in health insurance premiums in Colorado
  • ACA gives more people choice about the number of hours they work


  • President Obama praises ACA
  • Negotiators agree on new Farm Bill
  • Connect for Health Colorado enrollment update


  • Colorado Legislature now in session
  • Thousands in Colorado and millions nationwide enroll in coverage through marketplaces


  • Legislative Session opens
  • States should study health care spending to control costs
  • Little Sisters of the Poor and the Employer Mandate