CCLP provides a powerful voice in the community and at the Capitol, elevating the concerns, needs and voices of low-income Coloradans so their perspective is represented in the legislative process. CCLP advocates on behalf of low-income Coloradans by taking the lead on advancing legislation and monitoring all bills impacting our constituents to ensure their needs are represented in the legislative process. When necessary, CCLP organizes opposition or support for legislation that affects low-income Coloradans. We have a track record of success as our positions are grounded in solid research.

Gearing up for the 2016 Legislative Session

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It was an exciting legislative session, but our work is not done

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CCLP’s 2014 primary legislative priorities passed: Landmark progress on reducing poverty, advancing opportunity

The Colorado Center on Law and Policy pursued an ambitious agenda during the 2014 General Assembly session to secure pathways from poverty for struggling families in Colorado. CCLP’s legislative priorities can be divided into two categories—our primary agenda and other significant poverty reduction bills we worked on and tracked through the legislative session. CCLP staff played a lead role on all nine of the primary agenda bills, from conception of the idea all the way through final passage in both houses of the legislature, serving as the lead advocate on some, and building coalitions of supporters. All of these bills passed.

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CCLP has been a lead stakeholder for the Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction interim legislative task force since its inception in 2009. Learn more about the five bills CCLP championed during the 2014 legislative session.

For a full list of poverty related legislation tracked by CCLP during the 2014 General Assembly session, click here.

Check out CCLP’s legislative updates blog for a session recap.


In 2013, CCLP, in conjunction with the Colorado Fiscal Institute and the Bell Policy Center, has prepared a three part series on the effects of Amendment 66.

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