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CCLP conducts independent fact-based research grounded in data. CCLP presents results of research with a perspective but will not compromise the integrity of the product to get a particular result. The following is a sampling of the breadth of recent publications. All publications listed below are available here on our website.

Fact sheets: Five policy proposals for the Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction legislative task force. To augment CCLP’s legislative advocacy work with the EOPR task force, our policy analysis team produced five fact sheets on bills to expand affordable child care, fix the Child Care Tax Credit, strengthen adult education, improve access to IDs, and restore Aid to the Needy Disabled funding. These fact sheets provide legislators and community stakeholders with a well-rounded view of the necessity for, and details of the bills.

Issue brief series: Our Dollars, Our Health. As part of an ongoing effort to examine the factors that drive health care costs in Colorado, Our Dollars, Our Health examines the charges associated with hospital care, with some startling results. Articles featuring Our Dollars, Our Health findings have been published in the Denver Post, Colorado Springs Gazette, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Denver Business Journal, and Boulder Daily Camera.

Issue brief series: Counting Colorado. Counting Colorado paints a picture of poverty in Colorado. This ongoing series examines who struggles to make ends meet, opportunities to reduce poverty and the consequences for families and the overall economy for failing to act to promote economic self-sufficiency for all.

Issue brief: After tax credits, many insurance plans in Garfield, Summit Counties are less expensive than those in Denver. Continuing our trend of shaping public discourse surrounding health reform, CCLP developed this issue brief to provide data driven information to inform the dialogue about high insurance premiums in Garfield and Summit counties. This brief highlights the impact of financial assisstance under the Affordable Care Act, and was the centerpiece of articles on this topic in the Denver Post, Steamboat Today, and Summit Daily.

Handbook: Colorado Works Handbook. Produced in collaboration with the All Families Deserve a Chance (AFDC) Coalition, this handbook explains the major parts of the Colorado Works Program. It is designed to give low-income individuals the information they need to get the cash and support services that will help them on their road to self-sufficiency.

Fact sheet: Connect for Health Colorado appeals process. Help with this one please: Developing a Connect for Health Colorado (C4HCO) appeals process through the Colorado Office of Administrative Courts (OAC) would streamline the appeals process, reduce administrative burdens and protect consumers from undue delays.

Pamphlet: The Affordable Care Act and Colorado. In a clear and accessible document, CCLP outlines the benefits already available under the ACA, details what new changes are coming, and explains how Coloradans can enroll in comprehensive, affordable coverage.

Report: Self-Sufficiency Standard. The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Colorado identifies the true cost of living for low-income Colorado families and individuals. The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Colorado has revolutionized the way policies and programs for low-income workers are structured.

Report: State of Working Colorado. Each year, in partnership with the Economic Policy Institute, CCLP produces the State of Working Colorado as a means of taking inventory of Colorado’s economy. The data presented in this report series is intended to help identify and shape the development of public policies that improve the lives of low-income Coloradans. The report is widely distributed and serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, opinion leaders, nonprofit organizations and all those united in our shared vision of poverty reduction.