Annual Report 2011

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Dear Friend of the Colorado Center on Law and Policy,

The Colorado Center on Law and Policy makes waves. Our mission is to advance the health, eco-nomic security and well-being of low-income Coloradans and that doesn’t happen without making waves – legislative waves, administrative waves, waves in public awareness, sometimes even court-room waves. In 2011, we rode a number of waves to important and impressive gains. We could not have done it without your support.

CCLP’s Health Program worked with a coalition of unusual suspects in support of SB11-200, which established Colorado’s Health Benefit Exchange. The Exchange and its workings are central to our continuing focus on health reform implementation in Colorado. As part of our longtime role in pro-tecting and improving the state’s public health insurance programs, we also led the successful fight against significantly increased cost-sharing in the Child Health Plan Plus program because of the large number of children who would likely lose health coverage if higher fees were demanded. See page 3.

The Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute led the charge in a statewide campaign to increase state reve-nues, Proposition 103, which was one chapter of our drive for a more adequate and equitable state revenue system. Proposition 103 was unsuccessful but engaged thousands of citizens in recognizing the need to raise revenues for public services and community investments in Colorado. One small measure: over 500 volunteers from more than 100 communities were part of our Ballot or Bust direct democracy effort that got Prop. 103 on the ballot using an innovative online tool. See page 2.

Our Family Economic Security program published the 2011 Self-Sufficiency Standard for Colorado and the Elder Economic Security Standard Index for Colorado. Both provide reliable benchmarks against which to measure programs and initiatives helping Coloradans achieve economic health. We also launched the Take Action 2019 campaign to re-engage Coloradans in the fight for effective public policies supporting economically vulnerable families. See page 4.

We will continue to fight for justice and economic security for low-income Coloradans. We will do it with partners from all over Colorado. We will continue to make the right kind of waves, and with your support we will continue to achieve victories. Thank you for fighting with us.

Christine L. Murphy
Executive Director