Support HB 14-1317: Colorado Child Care Assistance Program changes

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Support HB 14-1317: Increase access to affordable child care for working families and decrease red tape for working parents & small business child care providers

Affordable child care should support—not inhibit—working parents’ efforts to find and to keep good jobs, to move forward in their careers, education, and achieve financial stability. Unfortunately, the low supply and high cost of child care in Colorado denies many working families access to this vital need. Colorado ranks among the most expensive states nationwide for the cost of child care. One of our best tools to help families afford child care is the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program. But red tape and administrative inconsistencies make it unworkable for many working parents and child care providers.

The innovative changes proposed for CCCAP would help keep our economy moving by supporting working parents and ensuring more Colorado kids have access to stimulating experiences that let them discover, explore and grow.

Fact sheet created by our partners at the Colorado Children’s Campaign