State Advocacy
A call or email from a constituent can mean the world of difference for a Colorado state lawmaker wavering on a specific policy proposal. Be sure to support CCLP’s legislative and policy agenda today by contacting your state legislators.



National Advocacy

It’s little secret that President Donald Trump and Congress are considering legislation that would have an adverse impact on Coloradans and their communities. From draconian cuts to health care, housing, food assistance and other vital resources that contribute to the well-being of our state and its citizens, it’s time to take action and share your concerns directly with our federal lawmakers.

One of the most effective ways to ensure your opinion counts in the federal policy-making process is to call or email your Senators and Representatives and record your concern with their offices. If you are unsure of which congressional district you live in, simply click here to find out

Don’t wait another minute, take action today and stand up for the well-being and health of all Coloradans.