CCLP co-publishes case study with Community Catalyst

Telling the story of Colorado’s hospital billing reform law from conception through passage

Making cents of the headlines, part 2: What causes inflation?

Pundits warn that government spending makes inflation trends worse. But they forget the basics of how inflation works.

CCLP selected as WINcome grantee by The Women’s Foundation of Colorado

CCLP is one of 19 organizations to receive WINcome funding to help women meet basic needs & pursue economic opportunities

Our Focus Areas

We focus on securing access to food, health, housing and income to build a more equitable state.

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Our Tools

Through research and policy analysis, legislative and legal advocacy and coalition building, we remove barriers that prevent Coloradans from meeting their basic needs and becoming self-sufficient.

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Research & Policy Analysis

We inform the policy dialogue by understanding Coloradans’ challenges and identifying solutions.

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Legislative Advocacy

We build support for policies that make a difference for families with low incomes.

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Legal Advocacy

We pursue legal action when the system fails those who lack resources.

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Coalition Building

We nourish and cultivate strong and effective partnerships throughout Colorado.

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Support us

We depend on support from individuals to help us improve economic security and access to health care.

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Colorado Skills2Compete

Obtaining the basic skills needed to pursue training and education

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