About the survey

Colorado Center on Law and Policy has contracted with Magellan Strategies to survey Coloradans regarding their experience with hospital bills and medical debt. CCLP is working on policy approaches to improve hospital billing practices, make hospital bills more affordable, and prevent Coloradans from having medical debt sent to collections.

The Magellan Survey is intended to ensure that CCLP’s policy work is responsive to the needs and experiences of Coloradans across the states. Magellan Strategies develops the contact list and conducts the outreach for the survey. This outreach includes text messaging as well as direct telephone calling.

CCLP receives aggregated results but does not receive any information about the identity of survey respondents. CCLP does not have access to contact information for anyone contacted or surveyed as a part of the project.

Magellan Strategies is a Colorado-based opinion polling and survey research firm that works with local government, policy groups, political candidates and more. Learn more about Magellan Strategies here.