Our Staff

Our People Make a Difference

  • Tiffani Lennon, J.D., LL.M. Executive Director
    [email protected] 303-573-5669 x301 Areas of expertise:

    Community-based lawyering, civil rights and criminal defense

  • Bruce Barnum Development Director
    [email protected] 303-573-5669 x312 Areas of expertise:

    Community engagement, organizational development and strategy, grant writing, events and fundraising campaigns

  • Charles Brennan Deputy Director of Research
    [email protected] 303.573.5669 x302 Areas of expertise:

    Quantitative research and data analysis, geographic information systems, housing and urban development, data visualization

  • Sha’Von Davis Administrative Assistant
    [email protected] 303-573-5669 x315 Areas of expertise:

    Customer service, administration, communications, advocacy and coalition-building

  • Ellen K. Giarratana, Esq. Managing Attorney
    [email protected] 303-573-5669 x314 Areas of expertise:

    Equitable enforcement of legislation, litigation, civil rights action

  • Sara Lipowitz, Esq. Public Benefits Attorney
    [email protected] 303-573-5669 x316 Areas of expertise:

    SNAP and cash assistance programs, due-process protections for benefit recipients, credit and debt issues, policy enforcement

  • Anthony Lux Interim Director of Communication
    [email protected] 303-573-5669 x311 Areas of expertise:

    Constituent engagement, marketing, outreach and communication

  • Allison Neswood, Esq. Deputy Director of Strategic Priorities
    [email protected] 303-573-5669 x304 Areas of expertise:

    Medicaid eligibility and coverage, health equity, immigrant eligibility for public programs and coalition building

  • Jack Regenbogen, Esq. Senior Attorney
    [email protected] 303-573-5669 x321 Areas of expertise:

    Housing, criminal record reform, SNAP and cash-assistance programs

  • Kesi Relyea Operations Director
    [email protected] 303-573-5669 x315 Areas of expertise:

    Business operations, bookkeeping, human resources, IT support

  • Chaer Robert Legislative Director
    [email protected] 303-573-5669 x307 Areas of expertise:

    Coalition building, tax policy, workforce development, access to skills training

  • Bethany Pray, Esq. Legal Director
    [email protected] 303-573-5669 x310 Areas of expertise:

    Medicaid eligibility and services, due process protections for benefit recipients, behavioral health parity in health coverage

  • Angelita Trujillo Grants Manager
    [email protected] 303-573-5669 x308 Areas of expertise:

    Fundraising, event planning, data management, community engagement

  • Christina Yebuah Research & Policy Analyst
    [email protected] 303-573-5669, x303 Areas of expertise:

    Qualitative research, community-informed practices, cultural competencies, health equity, organizational management