Bethany Pray, Esq.

As Director of CCLP’s Health Care program, Bethany works with staff on setting the program’s priorities and leads its advocacy work. Her areas of expertise include regulatory analysis and advocacy for Medicaid and commercial coverage, access to behavioral health benefits, Medicaid eligibility and much more.Staff page ›

Articles by Bethany Pray, Esq.

Good news about coverage in Colorado

Colorado has done something extraordinary in recent months. While enrollment through many state health exchanges is 4 percent lower than last year due to fast-moving and disruptive federal changes, Colorado’s numbers are up. More people have signed up for plans, and a...

CCLP reaffirms immigrant access to health

Colorado has recognized the importance of extending coverage to populations that lack affordable access to health care, when federal rules allow. In 2009, Colorado’s General Assembly authorized the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) to...