We focus on securing access to food, health, housing and income to build a more equitable state.

Imagine if every Coloradan, no matter their gender, where they live, the color of their skin or the country of their heritage, were able to afford housing, food, clothing, health care and other essentials — all while building financial security for the future.

Imagine if quality, affordable health care were available throughout the state, so that all Coloradans could get the care they need without risking financial ruin.

Imagine if all Coloradans could get the education or skills training they needed to achieve economic security and live happy and productive lives.

A prosperous and inclusive economy is the vision of the future that guides Colorado Center on Law and Policy. Through research, education, advocacy and litigation, CCLP works with community members, policy‐makers and leaders in health care, employment and human services to forge pathways from poverty and remove barriers that prevent Coloradans from meeting their basic needs and being self‐sufficient.

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Besides working with state legislators to transform legislation into law, we take our expertise to the administrative level of state government to propose policies that make it easier for Coloradans to obtain and use food assistance benefits. For example, we advise Colorado’s State Board of Human Services on rules that apply to programs like SNAP and WIC. We meet regularly with officials at the Colorado Department of Human Services on program issues. Our research team also reviews the effects of rules that govern Colorado’s food assistance programs on participant enrollment and retention.

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Our work aims at ensuring that affordability coverage programs, including Medicaid, Child Health Plus (CHP+) and subsidized commercial plans, are comprehensive, efficient and effective so that Coloradans have access to preventive care and treatment that will enhance their lives in the short- and long-term. Our complex systems can be challenging, so we also provide Coloradans with more tools to advocate on their own behalf, and to get the care they and their families need.

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We support construction and preservation of more housing that Coloradans can afford. We promote manufactured housing as one solution. We provide tenants with more tools for securing stability in their housing, including workforce housing for entry-level professionals like teachers and police officers who otherwise might not be able to pay the rent in many parts of Colorado.

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We advocate for policies that protect people’s access to basic needs when they can’t work. In partnership with our Skills2Compete Colorado Coalition, we also support efforts to get Coloradans back into the workforce and improve their skills to get better-paying jobs. Our policies help Coloradans working in low-wage jobs receive better wages, and support employment through child-care assistance and refundable tax credits.

Our Legislative Priorities

Last year, CCLP and its partners claimed a fair number of victories and started the dialogue on several policies that could make a difference for Coloradans living in or near poverty. This year we’re back at it with new bills, amendments, and opportunities to change lives across our state.