Working to ensure that every Coloradan has a home.

With the cost of living rising as wages remain virtually flat, the type of housing that working families can afford on their own is disappearing. Many who are unable to work also face housing security challenges.

To ensure that every Coloradan has a home, we research, develop and support policies that help families find and maintain affordable, safe and secure housing.

Our Approach

We support construction and preservation of more housing that Coloradans can afford. We promote manufactured housing as one solution. We provide tenants with more tools for securing stability in their housing, including workforce housing for entry-level professionals like teachers and police officers who otherwise might not be able to pay the rent in many parts of Colorado.

Our Progress

  • We joined forces with Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and Colorado Fiscal Institute to hold public meetings across the state on affordable housing. We also participate in a Renters’ Roundtable with a host of other groups to coordinate work on tenants’ rights.
  • We proposed and built support for successful legislation requiring landlords to give 21 days of notice, rather than seven, of rent increases or termination of the lease for month-to-month tenants. Residents now have more time to move or get assistance so they do not end up homeless.
  • In 2019, we led a successful bill that gives families the chance to avoid eviction or find other housing by extending the eviction notification period from three to 10 days. That same year, we helped establish a statewide $750,000 legal defense fund to help Coloradans facing eviction. This historic legislation will help prevent homelessness before it occurs.
  • Recognizing manufactured housing as one of the most affordable unsubsidized alternatives, we developed and supported House Bill 1309. Passed by legislators and signed into law by the governor in in 2019, the bill revises Colorado’s Mobile Home Park Act and makes progress towards leveling the playing field for homeowners residing on rented lots. We also backed legislation that eliminated the state sales tax on new homes so more low-income Coloradans can afford this private-sector solution to the affordable-housing problem.
  • In 2018, we led an effort to pass a bipartisan bill that will require landlords to provide tenants with a copy of their lease, and a receipt when the tenant pays their rent using cash or a money order. This commonsense measure ensures that tenants have the pertinent information about the obligations of their tenancy and can document their rent payments.

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