As the economic fallout from the COVID-19 crisis continues to reveal widening racial and social disparities in our state, Colorado Center on Law and Policy will host a virtual event to recognize Coloradans who are making a difference in the fight against poverty and inequality, while identifying policy solutions that could drive change for a more equitable future.

Titled Communities Against Poverty, this informative celebration of CCLP’s work will feature a series of short, bite-sized sessions on issues pertaining to CCLP’s focus areas in food, health, housing and financial security. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event is virtual in 2020 and conducted over Zoom. Among the highlights:

●  Colorado Lt. Gov. Dianne Primavera, a vocal advocate for economic justice and health equity, will share her insights and provide brief congratulatory remarks at the Champions of Economic Justice and Equity Awards on Nov. 19.

●  Also on Nov. 19, four recipients of CCLP’s Colorado Champions of Economic Justice & Equity Awards will be officially honored. This year’s recipients are: Sen. Julie Gonzales, 9to5 Colorado, Marivel Klueckman of the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Finance and Karla Gonzales Garcia of the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR).

●  On Nov. 20, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Tony Messenger will share his perspectives from covering issues of race, criminal justice and poverty for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. A native Coloradan, Messenger has earned national acclaim for exposing debtors’ prisons in Missouri and nationwide.

●  Spaced throughout the three-day event, CCLP will roll out four educational mini-webinars. Topics include “Administrative Barriers to Health Coverage,” “Food Security During Insecure Times” and “Protecting Tenants’ Rights During the Pandemic.”

●  On Nov. 21, Charles Brennan, CCLP’s Deputy Director of Research will preview the findings of the 2020 State of Working Colorado Report, which gauges how the economy is performing for workers across the economic spectrum. This year’s report will show why Colorado’s economy wasn’t working for everyone — even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit the Communities Against Poverty landing page for a complete schedule and to RSVP for this informative and engaging community-focused event. The event is free for anyone who is interested but supporting options are also available.

– By Bob Mook