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Apr 13, 2021

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2021 state legislation updates for April 12

by | Apr 13, 2021

Colorado’s 2021 legislative session remains active, with new bills introduced and several budget updates since our March 29 post.

Read on for key takeaways, or download the April 12 update here.

State budget

Since March 29, we’ve seen a big update on CCLP’s budget priority to restore funding for the SSI/SSDI Application Assistance Program. This budget amendment was approved in the Senate last week and has moved to the House. Learn how you can get involved in this amendment here.


Under HB1270, SNAP Employment and Training programs by counties and third party venders would receive $3 million to be spent over two years, pulling down matching federal funds. This would enable them to be more robust, able to offer paid training and work-based learning along with support services.

Workforce centers and programs would get an additional $25 million if HB1264 passes. The money is targeting to re-training, upskilling, and training for a job of the future for the currently unemployed and underemployed.

Immigrants without work authorizations, under SB233, would become eligible for an alternative to unemployment compensation (for which they are not eligible) if their employers are contributing to unemployment insurance on their behalf and they would otherwise be eligible.


SB193 & 194 address racial disparity in childbirth; SB194 would have the state apply for a waiver to offer a continuous 1 year of coverage post-partum to those Medicaid eligible.

About CCLP’s bill lists

Throughout the legislative session, CCLP compiles a list of all bills concerning economic opportunity and poverty reduction. This list includes bill sponsors, assigned committees, and a list of partner organizations that have confirmed their support for—or opposition to—each bill. This list updates throughout the session. The latest version may always be found in the sidebar of our Legislative Priorities page.

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