‘Lawyering up’ for low-income Coloradans

Legal justice is often elusive for Coloradans facing poverty. We use our legal skills to evaluate current policies and state regulations, and to pursue legal remedies for Coloradans whose right to access food, housing and health care are violated.

How we conduct this work

We advocate through state rule-making processes involving SNAP, Medicaid, Aid to the Needy Disabled and other programs to ensure that federal and state requirements are met and eligible Coloradans confront fewer barriers to needed services.

In our work with state agencies, information we provide on legal parameters and best practices in other states regularly influences policy decisions. When federal changes are proposed, our analysis and comments help guide other Colorado advocates and create an important record.

And when legal rights are violated for individuals, we strategically represent individuals in administrative hearings and use the knowledge we gain to advocate for more sweeping changes. When necessary, we challenge practices and policies in court.

You can learn more about our victories in administrative remedies, rulemaking and litigation in the Our History webpage.