2019 legislative session



It was an incredible session for CCLP and our partners. Every one of the bills we introduced was passed through the legislature and sent to the governor for his signature. Read all about it in this blog, and explore our fact sheets and bill homepages for each bill on this site. 


House Bill 19-1013, “Low-Income Child Care Tax Credit” 
Sponsors: Representative Tony Exum & Senator Brittany Petterson



House Bill 19-1223, “Social Security Disability Application Assistance”

Sponsors: Reps. Dafna Michaelson-Jenet, Colin Larson & Senator Faith Winter



House Bill 19-1320, “Hospital Community Benefit Accountability” 
Sponsors: Reps. Susan Lontine & Chris Kennedy



House Bill 19-1107, “Emergency Support Services Fund” 
Sponsors: Representative James Coleman, Senator Rhonda Fields & Senator Kevin Priola



House Bill 19-1118, “Time Period to Cure Lease Violation” 
Sponsors: Representative Dominique Jackson, Representative Rochelle Galindo & Senator Angela Williams


Senate 19-180 “Eviction Legal Defense Fund”
Sponsors: Senator Faith Winter, Representative Julie McCluskie


House Bill 19-1189, “Wage Garnishment Reform”
Sponsors: Representative Matt Gray, Representative Alex Valdez, Senator Jeff Bridges


House Bill 19-1275, “Expanding Eligibility for Criminal Record Sealing” Sponsors: Representative Mike Weissman, Representative Matt Soper, Senator Pete Lee

House Bill 19-1309, “Mobile Home Park Act Oversight”              Sponsors: Reps. Edie Hooton & Julie McCluskie, Senator Stephen Fenberg

House Bill 19-1322, “Expand Supply Affordable Housing”                      Sponsors: Reps. Dylan Roberts & Perry Will, Sens. Dominick Moreno & Don Coram