Colorado Self-Sufficiency Standard

CCLP serves as the local partner of the Colorado Self-Sufficiency Standard, which provides an accurate measure of the cost of living in each county in Colorado. The 2015 Self-Sufficiency Standard for Colorado measures how much income a family of a certain composition in a given place must earn to meet their basic needs. Employers, advocates, and legislators can use this tool to evaluate wages, provide career counseling, and create programs that lead to self-sufficiency for working families.

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The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Colorado 2015 is the fifth edition of this report, authored by Dr. Diana M. Pearce and produced by the center for Women’s Welfare at the University of Washington. This report, plus tables providing county specific information for 152 family types, can also be found online at Hardcopies of this report may be ordered by calling our office at 303-573-5669.