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Deductible Affordability for Colorado’s Working-Age Families

Colorado is in the midst of developing an affordable public health insurance option, with the Division of Insurance and the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing directed to come up with a proposal by November, 2019. The process is the result of the passage of House Bill 1004, which directs DOI and HCPF to develop an affordable health coverage option that uses state health infrastructure.

In assessing health insurance plans, many purchasers tend to compare plans based on monthly premiums, but another component of insurance coverage – deductibles and other cost-sharing expenses – can deter many consumers from getting the services they need or may ultimately cause them to go into debt or forgo necessary services or procedures. While the Affordable Care Act made it possible for more uninsured Coloradans to obtain health insurance, high deductibles continue to make it difficult for Coloradans to get actual health care. The effect of deductibles varies significantly by region, as this brief demonstrates.

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August 12, 2019

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