Allison Neswood

Health First Colorado, Colorado’s Medicaid program, is a public health insurance program that pays for necessary health care services for low-income Coloradans and those living with disabilities. By investing in health care services and supports, Health First Colorado improves health outcomes, reduces unnecessary costs to the health system, and supports a strong Colorado economy. Health First Colorado is also an efficient program, spending far less than what private insurers pay for enrollees of similar health status.

Despite Health First Colorado’s successes and efficient use of funds, opponents of Medicaid have proposed drastic cuts to federal funding for the program. Federal Medicaid funding currently comprises 60 percent of Health First Colorado’s budget. Cuts in that funding will force Colorado lawmakers to make hard decisions about where to cut eligibility, services, provider rates, or a combination of the three.

In light of these proposals, the Colorado Center on Law and Policy has compiled Medicaid Works, a series of fact sheets that outline some of the reasons Health First Colorado is important to our state and why capping federal funding for this program would be a bad move for Colorado.The resources below illustrate how Health First Colorado benefits Colorado’s health care system, the state budget and economy and Colorado’s rural communities. Furthermore, the fact sheets reveal the importance of this program to children and women’s health, the health of Colorado’s seniors and those with disabilities, as well as to those struggling with substance use disorders.

Read and share the information compiled below, and then contact your representative today to tell them to protect Health First Colorado!

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Children’s Health

Elderly and Disabled Care

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Substance Abuse

Women’s Health


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