Skills2Compete: Our Work

Skills2Compete Colorado is a multi-sector policy advocacy coalition focused on greater access to education and training opportunities which ultimately lead to middle-skilled jobs.

We are particularly focused on removing systemic barriers to training and employment for Coloradans who face challenges to employment.

Our 2019-2022 Goals

During its September 2019 meeting, the Skllls2Compete Colorado coalition approved its 2019-2022 Goals.

2021 Legislative Tracking List

Read our 2021 Legislative Tracking List to learn about legislation associated with jobs, workforce, and skills training that have been introduced during the 2021 Colorado Legislative Session.

Priority Bill: Support

House Bill 21-1270
Appropriation to Dept of Human Services for SNAP Employment & Training

Sponsored by Representatives Tony Exum (D) & Yadira Caraveo (D) & Senator Rhonda Fields (D)

Download the HB21-1270 SNAP bill fact sheet (pdf) here.

HB1270 expands availability of Employment and Training Program for SNAP recipients. Additional funding would provide more training and skill building opportunities, including high school equivalency diploma preparation and basic skills and literacy classes, more employment related support services, work based learning opportunities, coaching and case management. Provides funds to expand programs to serve residents of additional counties whether through Third Party Partners or through government workforce centers or contracts. Currently, SNAP E & T is only available to residents in 21 counties.

Fiscal Note: One time $3 Million in state general fund will pull down $3 million in matching federal funding.
Committee: House Public Benefits and Health and Human Services Committee

Our Meetings

The Colorado S2C Coalition meets every 4th Thursday of the month, 11:30 a.m. 1 p.m. at the Colorado Center on Law and Policy, located at 789 Sherman St. in Denver. All are welcome to attend meetings or listen. If you’d like to be added to our mailing list, please contact [email protected].