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2023 Legislative Work

Read our 2023 Skills2Compete legislative priorities list to learn about legislation associated with jobs, workforce, and skills training for the 2022 Colorado Legislative Session. Updated 2023-02-21.

House Bill 23-007
Adult Education

Sponsors: Senators Rachel Zenzinger (D) and Barbara Kirkmeyer(R) and Representatives Cathy Kipp (D) and Marc Catlin (R)

Current law requires adult education providers (providers) that participate in the department of education’s (department) adult education and literacy grant program (program) to offer eligible adults basic education in literacy and numeracy. The bill adds “digital literacy” to the basic education offered to eligible adults.

The bill describes services that providers may offer to eligible adults. The bill amends the reporting requirements for providers of the program.

The bill allows community colleges, area technical colleges, and local district colleges (colleges) to develop minimum graduation requirements for a high school diploma based on the minimum high school graduation guidelines adopted by the state board of education. Colleges are authorized to award high school diplomas to students who successfully complete the colleges’ minimum high school graduation requirements.

Fiscal Note: $1.5 million per year General Fund
Status: Senate Appropriations

Senate Bill 23-1124
Funding for Services for Colorado Employment First Participants

Sponsors: Representative Mandy Lindsay (D) & Senator Rhonda Fields (D)

The bill requires the general assembly to annually appropriate $1.5 million from the general fund to the department of human services for continued employment support and job retention services and to continue to support work-based learning opportunities for Colorado employment first participants.

Fiscal Note: $1.5 million per year General Fund, pulling down $1.5 million in federal match
Status: House Appropriations

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