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2022 Legislative Work

Read our 2022 Skills2Compete legislative priorities list to learn about legislation associated with jobs, workforce, and skills training for the 2022 Colorado Legislative Session. Final update June 23.

House Bill 22-1230
Continue & Update the Employment Support & Job Retention Services Program

Sponsors: Representatives Monica Duran (D) & Tony Exum (D) & Senator Rhonda Fields (D) and
Kevin Priola (R)

Removes the unset on the program. Increases funding to $500,000 per year. Prioritizes community engagement to rural and underserved communities through outreach to nontraditional service organizations including community organizations, faith-based organizations, places of worship and libraries that offer employment, training and educational services.

Fiscal Note: $500,000/yr
Status: Signed into law

Senate Bill 22-140
Expansion of Experiential Learning Opportunities

Sponsors: Senator Coleman (D) and Representative McLachlan (D)

This bill expands and formalizes work- based learning , including assistance to employers and formalization of expectations for WBL. The bill also identifies that two intermediary organizations will reach out to youth and adults who have been historically excluded from work-based learning opportunities through the future of work office in CDLE. The bill would also address digital inequities, including access to technology, skills training , cybersecurity and affordable internet services. And adding a digital navigation program. The bill also creates an 18 ,month Global Talent Task Force in the Office of New Americans to study the credential process for certain in-demand occupations, look at international credentials, and take advantage of the global pool of skilled workers. The office would also provide tools for English Language learners to enter work-based learning programs to improve language and skills development for specific occupations. Much of the bill reflects ideas from the Skills2Compete Support Services Committee and the FOW Digital inclusion committee on which Laura serves.

Fiscal Note: $6.1 million in ARPA funds
Status: Signed into law

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